006 – In Remembrance of Arsenal

In the late 1800s a fad developed of supporters having ‘In Remembrance’ cards printed to be given to opposing fans after a victory.   As these were normally made of cheap paper, and no doubt not so gratefully received, I thought it would be interesting to put a scan of one I have up.   Needless to say rumours of Arsenal’s demise were rather wide of the mark.



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2 responses to “006 – In Remembrance of Arsenal

  1. Andy Kelly

    These may have been issued around 1891 – 1892. At the 1892 AGM former chairman W.Davis said that he had nothing to do with certain “funeral cards” which had been issued.

  2. Hi Andy.

    That kind of time would tie in with what I found out about them. It appears that they were first used in the late 1880s and grew in popularity until the mid 1890s when they started to become less popular, the whole thing dying out completely when Queen Victoria died – I guess it would have then been seen as bad taste with the nation pretty much all in mourning.

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