008 – Famous Footballers 1890s

A popular quality magazine of the time was called Famous Footballers which was published in an oversized format (hence the pictures and details having to be scanned separately). I’ve scanned a teamgroup and a couple of players, including possibly the greatest name in the history of our club (who was also our first international), Caesar Augustus Llewellyn Jenkyns.


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2 responses to “008 – Famous Footballers 1890s

  1. Jenkyns was renowned for being a hard player. So much so, that he was suspended by Small Heath for his robust play. Whilst at Arsenal he was sent off (I believe against Rotherham) for going in too hard on an opponent. Ironically, he joined Newton Heath after one season along with the Rotherham player that was invloved in Jenkyns’ sending off.

  2. I have the story slightly different. As I understand he was sent off a few times for Small Heath (when obviously sending offs were rare) and was suspended after he was sent off and got into a fight with some of the crowd.
    Apparently he had two brothers, called Jenkyn Jenkyns and Plato Jenkyns, and after he retired he became a bobby in Birmingham.

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