012 – The Book of Football

The Book of Football was first published in magazine ‘partworks’ in 1905 and 1906 and featured virtually every football team of the day, including both association and rugby football. Below are scans of the pages featuring Arsenal.


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5 responses to “012 – The Book of Football

  1. Ah yes, the start of the mis-telling of Arsenal’s history.

    Arthur Edwin Kennedy – so much to answer for.

  2. Hi Andy.

    It might be helpful if you actually listed what is mis-told.

  3. On the story of professionalism:

    Bobby Buist wasn’t approached by Derby. He didn’t play in the game. In fact, at the time he wasn’t an Arsenal player, he didn’t join us until 8 months later – ironically as one of the club’s first professionals.

    Jack Humble didn’t propose the move towards professionalism. It was put to the members by William Jackson on behalf of the club’s committee.

    The landlord of the Invicta Ground didn’t put the rent up at the end of 1892-93, it was well before this. This story has also been embellished to become that he put the rent up due to the club gaining entry to the Football League. The club had moved to the Manor Field before they applied to enter the Football League.

    Most of the Southern clubs didn’t cancel their fixtures against Arsenal. Two of the “old boys” teams cancelled but the rest were more than happy to play Arsenal who were a big crowd-puller. During their first season as professionals they played as many Southern teams as they did in their last year as amateurs.

    This story was embellished as the years went on: Expulsion from the London FA, total boycott by Southern clubs, near-bankruptcy due to travelling costs to the midlands and the north. None of which are true.

  4. Hi Andy.

    Thanks for that – with all the research you’ve done I thought it would be better for you to list them than me to comment on it.

    I wasn’t aware of the one about Buist by the way.

  5. Finally managed to work out who you are via youtube and ebay.

    Bobby Buist was the catalyst for me questioning the validity of much of Arsenal’s history. Tony Attwood had been publishing articles on his blog about the players from Arsenal’s first league game. I thought I would be clever and include a match report report from the FA Cup gaqme against Derby in 1891, which I had a copy of. When I read it I realised that Buist hadn’t played in that game and investigated further. The more I looked into it the more I realised how wrong the stories of the club adopting professionalism were jsu not right.

    Tony is not one of those who is so precious to defend everything that he has written is the gospel. Between us we started to investigate other major events in the club’s history and discovered that they had been misrepresented as well. Mark Andrews has now been brought into the the fold and between us we are writing a history of the club that is backed up by soild evidence rather than second-hand belated memories of people and information that has been made up (yep, that has happened).

    We published a history of the club for AISA at the start of the season. Since then we have found that there are errors in what we wrote. We fell into the trap of believing that what others had preiously had been well researched. Since then we have decided to discount everything and start from scratch.

    We are going to publish at least two books in 2012 detailing the actual history of the club from 1886 to 1915 using only credible sources.

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