018 – Manor Ground, Woolwich Arsenal v Liverpool

Before we move on to Highbury a little clip of us playing at The Manor Ground before the move. This game was played on 02/09/1911.


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6 responses to “018 – Manor Ground, Woolwich Arsenal v Liverpool

  1. ltg

    Interesting stuff. It’s a while since I read all of our ancient history, and I can’t recall seeing footage from that time. Oddly the ground is bigger, and the crowd bigger, than I would have imagined right now. I think that I’d got it all mixed up with the Plumstead era and open sewers.

    Clear why we wanted to move.

  2. Andy Kelly

    Another great post. I’m really enjoying what you are putting on here.

    In this clip it is interesting to note the advert along the top of the stand for H.Gradidge. This where the original players from 1886 are alleged to have bought their first kit from. Not sure if this was before or after Fred Beardsley brought a set of kit back from Nottingham.

    • Hi Andy.

      I thought Glaridge’s shop in Artillery Place was where the first ball was bought from (after the sixpence collection) and the first kit, which pre-dated the bribe from Forest, was bought from Lewins of Plumstead.

  3. Andy Kelly

    You’re right that’s twice I’ve fallen into the trap of relying on my memory rather than checking up!

    • Matthew Gradidge

      Hi, I am a descendant of the Gradidge line and would be interested in any information. Records, photos or even just anecdotal facts regarding the relationship between Arsenal and The Gradidge company prior to it becoming part of the Slazenger, Sykes, Gradidge and Ayres group.

      Could someone point me in the direction of who may know the histories or have any resources on this?

  4. Hi Matthew,
    Other than them supplying Compton’s bats I can’t really help but try contacting these sites who may be better placed to help.


    Best of luck!

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