023 – Jock Rutherford and the Arsenal Boot

Jock Rutherford is one of those names that many Arsenal fans recognise, but just as a name. In fact he was a true star of the age, and his signing in 1913 was a bit of a coup for the newly relegated Arsenal. He stayed at Arsenal until 1923 when he decamped for a brief spell as manager of Stoke City before returning to Arsenal a month later. He finally left Arsenal in 1926, setting a record that stands to this day for the oldest first team player at our club. His son (John) was also on Arsenal’s books at the same time, playing one game. The first scan is from ‘Sports Pictures’ magazine. Although the article below (from All Sports) has little about his career at Arsenal I think it’s a fascinating insight into what it was like to be a player then. I’ve also included an advert page from the same issue, as it features the ‘Arsenal Boot’.


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3 responses to “023 – Jock Rutherford and the Arsenal Boot

  1. C June Barnes

    Please could I use the image above (first) as a portrait on a genealogical profile ?

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