027 – Charlie Buchan, £100 per goal.

Today’s scans feature Charlie Buchan. The story of his transfer fee consisting of a set fee and £100 per goal are well known and the three cartoons are from the Daily Herald. The last scan is the front of a dinner menu for The Press Club where Alfred Hitchcock was the guest of honour and our own George Allison the ‘Perdoocer’.



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4 responses to “027 – Charlie Buchan, £100 per goal.

  1. One thing that I’ve never been able to ascertain is whether it was just league goals that counted towards his transfer fee or if FA Cup goals were also included. Buchan scored 19 league goals (only 1 against Sunderland) and 1 FA Cup goal during 1925-26.

    • Oh dear. I always thought he had 21 that season so looked it up and can only find 19 now – probably a good job I don’t do accounts!

      Everytime I’ve read about it there’s just been mention of ‘goals’ and with the higher profile of the FA Cup to League then I’d be surprised if they weren’t included, but that’s just an assumption. One thing I do know is that in a later interview Chapman mentioned that the publicity this unusual deal raised (I believe the FA may have banned such deals after) meant it would have been worth paying £200 per goal.

  2. Andy Kelly

    Funnily enough I thought that it was 21 goals as well but double checked before posting. Buchan says in his autobiography that he scored 19 league goals and 2 FA Cup goals. Looks like his story never got checked. I mean, who would doubt the great Charlie Buchan 🙂 Looking through the match reports in The Times all of the goalscorers are accounted for and Buchan only got 1 goal.

    • Just goes to show – you can’t trust a journalist!

      Actually just setting today’s post and (possibly) interestingly, whilst the article mentions the ‘cash for goals’ deal, it only mentions the 19 league goals.

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