035 – Death of the Emperor

The world of football was shocked by the sudden death of Herbert Chapman from pneumonia on January 6th, 1934. He had spent the first couple of days of January scouting matches in the North and returned to London with a heavy cold. Against doctor’s orders he then went to see the Arsenal third team play and was soon after taken ill, after which he quickly succumbed at his home.

The first scan is from The Times, announcing his death.

The second scan is dated the 6th of September, 1933 and I’ve included it to show how forward thinking he was. The back slip reads:

“Instructional soccer classes for boys, organised by the Corinthians F.C., opened today at the Arsenal F.C. ground at Highbury, London, N.

Photo shows:- Mr. Herbert Chapman (Arsenal manager) and Mr. G.N. Foster (of the famous International group of brothers), two of the prime movers in the great movement.”

According to an article in The Times (02/09) the classes ran from the 6th to the 21st of September and consisted of eighty-two boys who would do three two hour periods each day in classes of eight. Herbert Chapman and Charles Paynter (from the Corinthians) prepared the programme and the coaches included virtually the whole Arsenal team and coaching staff.

Finally, I thought it appropriate to show the teamgroup for that season which was to be the great man’s last team (one of a series of teamgroups given away by The Sunday Post) that he left half-way through a hat-trick of titles.


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