041 – The Arsenal Locomotive

If you went through the main entrance at Highbury and looked to your left you would see this.

(my photo – sorry for poor quality)

Although at first glance it fits in perfectly with the art deco style of the famous marble halls when you look at it again it seems slightly strange what with being curved and with the small football underneath.

The reason for that is it’s actually a locomotive nameplate.

In 1936 L.N.E.R. started to roll out a new class of engine and decided that they should be named after prominent football clubs. On Thursday the 15th of March Lord Lonsdale, Chairman of the club, unveiled the nameplate for the first of these at Kings Cross station, named Arsenal. The ceremony was attended by the board and many of the players, and the engine stayed in service until it was finally withdrawn in December 1958.

Below is a scan of one of a series of postcards issued by Dawn Covers in the 1990s and shows the unit rolling past Highbury. The other scans give more details on the life of ‘our’ unit and the class in general and comes from the January 1981 issue of Railway World.



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3 responses to “041 – The Arsenal Locomotive

  1. roger desouches

    Where can I get one like this to go into my new house.

  2. Aitch

    I’m curious as to why the Arsenal nameplate shown above in close up has the colours as red and black, and not red and white. Anyone have any idea why this would be so?

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