043 – The Elliman Handbook of Physical Fitness

Elliman were an interesting company. Originally a family drapery business they started producing their emrocation in the mid 1800s for animal use and within a couple of years produced one for humans as well. Both proved very popular, so popular that the drapery side of the business was soon closed down. Amusingly both the animal and human versions were actually the very same thing!

What really made Elliman different was that they spent half their profits on marketing, and this proved remarkably successful. One part of their marketing was to produce, more or less annually, their Handbook of Physical Fitness. From the early 1930s this featured a section by our own Tom Whittaker giving advice on training which I thought was interesting as this explains some of the methods he no doubt used with Arsenal.

The scans below are from the 1937 publication.


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