077 – 1960 at Colney

In the summer of 1960 Arsenal moved to their new training ground at London Colney, and with it came all manner of new fangled training equipment. The first scan shows coach Ron Greenwood with a radio mic to enable him to communicate with the players on the pitch, and the second is david Herd taking advantage of the epitome of early ’60s high tech training equipment.

“Calling A-For-Arsenal:
Players tune up with radio for the new season.
August 4th 1960.”

“Heads We Win.
The Arsenal Football Club have found new training quarters at London Colney where they are to make a permanent ‘camp’ on the University College ground there… The ground they are using is just 15 miles from Highbury Stadium, and has three pitches and excellent dressing rooms.
Photograph shows: David Herd, Arsenal footballer, connects with the ball expertly, as he tries out a new heading training device at London Colney, herts.
22 July 1960.”



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4 responses to “077 – 1960 at Colney

  1. Richard Purver

    Could you kindly let me know where you found the 077-1960 photos of Ron Greenwood and David Herd at London Colney?
    By the way there’s a photo of George Swindin fitting a receiver to the ear of Jimmy Bloomfield in When Football Was Football: Arsenal (Paul Joseph), evidently part of the radio mic system.

  2. Richard Purver

    Would you know which paper the photo originally appeared in? Thanks very much.

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