078 – Early 1960s and Billy Wright

Today’s scans are a couple of teamgroups, and a shot of new Arsenal Manager Billy Wright. Probably the highest profiled and most loved figure in English football at the time, his stint as a manager wasn’t a success but one thing he did do and should be recognised for is that he completely revamped our youth set up which resulted in the mainly home grown team that won the double in 1971. Transfers and management however weren’t his strong points, and if you look closely at the photo you’d hope he had a secretary to do his correspondence!

” This could be the start of a new era at Highbury Stadium, the home of the famous Arsenal Football Club. For the last few years they have been finishing around the middle of the First Division table, but on May 2nd Billy Wright takes over from George Swindin as the Club’s Manager.
Billy Wright will always be remembered as the most capped player England has ever had (105 caps in all). Since retiring as centre-half and captain of the successful Wolverhampton Wanderers team he has been in charge of the England National Youth Team.
Picture shows….Billy Wright seen at work on matters for his new club….ArsenalFC.”



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2 responses to “078 – Early 1960s and Billy Wright

  1. Andy Kelly

    I don’t supplse the first team picture has a list of the players and staff on the back does it?

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