085 – 1971 and Bertie’s Arsenal Win the Double

Today some scans of press photo’s from the 1971 double. Strangely none have backslips but I think they’re pretty self explanatory.



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4 responses to “085 – 1971 and Bertie’s Arsenal Win the Double

  1. Andy Kelly

    I’m surprised that this picture from the double season doesn’t get a regular airing:

    • Absolutely agree Andy. There are so many brilliant shots that never get used and I think in part it’s down to laziness. Win a trophy, show the cup being lifted etc etc. That’s the reason I picked two of my photo’s of Ray Kennedy scoring at the Lane (as you rarely see it from both sides of the goal line) rather than Charlie George lying on the pitch at Wembley.

      Mind you sometimes I can see why people would rather not see them – I think the article on Bob McNab in the next post is one of those…

  2. Andy Kelly

    Take a closer look at Pat Rice

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