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002 – 1888 Team Group

I must admit I rather adore Victorian teamgroup photographs.  Find a grand background, slouch around all nonchalant, and take the shot.  Far more enjoyable than rows of players looking straight forward.


I’m sure looking at the writing you think I’ve reversed the scan but that is actually how it is.  It’s part of a long card with various magazine sports pictures stuck on it, presumably to be shown through some type of mirrored or reversing projector.  For the record the other images include cricket, women skating on a frozen lake and a ladies hockey match.

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001 – Dial Square and The Royal Arsenal

Where else to start?

Firstly, I am sure you’ve all heard of Dial Square where many of the founders worked, well this is the sundial over the entrance to Dial Square that gave it it’s name.

You can see another picture from a wider angle on the Royal Arsenal website here: http://www.royalarsenalwoolwich.org.uk/DialSq.jpeg

The Royal Arsenal at Woolwich was one of the three main Royal Arsenal’s of the time and was a sprawling mass of factories and laboratories.  Below are pictures of the Bullet Factory and the ‘Big Hammer’ at Woolwich.

Please feel free to add any information via the comments.

(Picture one taken by a friend and used with his permission, the other two pictures are scans of postcards issued around the time)


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