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011 – Woolwich Arsenal 26 France 1

Yup – you read the score right. A visiting team made up of players from a few different French clubs got a right tonking. Interestingly their goal was scored by the Arsenal reserve Hodges, who was playing for the French as they were a man short. The first two images are scans of postcards released at the time of cartoons from local paper the Kentish Independant which were reprinted a while back by Islington Libraries. The third is from a series of football postcards issued at the time.


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010 – CB Fry magazine, 1904

I think this is a bit of a treat. Following on from the last post and an old clip of training here’s an article, in full, from CB Fry’s magazine. One of the greatest sportsmen of his age, CB Fry’s magazine was one of the very few doing in depth articles on sports clubs of the time and this article goes behind the scenes at Woolwich Arsenal for pre-season training and also has interest for details of ground development.

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