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082 – Random 1960s Press Photo’s

A few random press photo scans before we get to the 1970s. As usual the script underneath is from the backslips.

“Baker’s Goal Attempt Foiled:
The ball gets fouled up in the legs of Bolton Wanderers’ goalkeeper Hopkinson as he tangles with Arsenal centre-forward Baker as he tried to shoot for goal during the match here today. Looking on (centre backgroound) is Arsenal inside-left Eastham.
September 7th 1963.”

“Arsenal v Birmingham 9.3.68.
Arsenal’s Storey gets tied up with Birmingham’s Vowden.”

“Arsenal end Leeds Title Dream 8.5.68.
The last flames of Leeds’ great dream of multi-success this seasonwere finally stamped out by an avenging Arsenal in the last minute of a feverish battle.
In a game in which the tempers and the drama ran overpoweringly high it was Leeds who were going strongest for the winner as balance trembled at 3-3.
Then Arsenal broke away and inside right George Johnston somehow crashed through three tackles in the penalty area to score the winner.
From Highbury’s point of view there could not have been more acceptable victims. It was Leeds who grimly beat Arsenal in the League Cup Final in March. It was Leeds who had never been beaten by Arsenal in the years since the Yorkshire club returned to Division One.
Photo shows: Gould lunges but it was Leeds centre half Madeley who put Arsenal’s first goal into the net. Gould connected later in the game – with the ball for the third goal and with Leeds Goalkeeper Harvey to earn a booking from FA Cup Final referee Leo Callaghan.”

“15.3.69. Swindon v Arsenal in Mudbath.
Arsenal’s Bobby Gould is brought down by Swindon’s Rod Thomas and Stan Harland.”

“Goal number 3 for Arsenal.
Derby County centre-half Roy McFarland slides to the ground as Arsenal forward Jon Sammels races by to score Arsenal’s third goal in the match at Highbury this afternoon.

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071 – Random 1950s Photo’s (part one)

Lots of words recently, so the next couple of days I’ll just be putting up some scans of 1950s press photo’s. As always the backslip is copied below the scan.

“D.Compton in action at Highbury January 21st 1950.
Denis Compton, Arsenal outside-left – making his first appearance in the Arsenal first eleven since last April – trying for goal in the match against Bolton Wanderers at Highbury, London to-day (Saturday).”

“Problem Boy Steps Out – Arsenal give Don Roper final test 03.03.50.
Don Roper, Arsenal’s only doubtful starter against Leeds United tomorrow, went through another stiff test today at Highbury, to decide whether his pulled thigh muscle has recovered sufficiently for him to stand the strain of such an important match.
Photo shows Arsenal centre-forward, Don Roper, chatting to Tom Whittaker (Manager) and Billy Milne (trainer) after his final test, in which he was found fit to play in tomorrow’s Cup-tie match.”

“Happy day for ‘Happiest Days’ cast March 16th 1950.
Visitors to Highbury, London, today (Thursday) were members of the cast of the film ‘The Happiest Days of Your Life’, who turned out to watch Arsenal practice for their FA Cup semi-final match against Chelsea at T*tt*nh*m, London, on Saturday.
Picture shows: Guy Middleton, who played the sports master in the film ‘The Happiest Days of Your Life’, and two Kensington (London) schoolboys who appeared in the picture, watching Arsenal’s Denis Compton taking a throw-in during the practice at Highbury, London today.”

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053 – Random 1930s Photo’s (part three)

Today I thought I’d show a couple of my photo’s that show the rougher side of the game at the time. When keepers had the ball in their hands they were fair game to be charged; part of a centre forward’s trade was to be strong enough to knock keeper and ball into the net together when the opportunity arose and this meant the full back’s first priority when their keeper was catching the ball was to protect him.

In the first shot you can see Joy running a block across the forward with his keeper vulnerable in the air, and the second shows Bowden trying to get a barge on the keeper as he scurries away along his line to safety.

The third one is, I think, quite wonderful. A brave forward gets his cross in as a true hard man in the days of very hard men, Wilf Copping, charges in to go for the ball muscles straining. Neither player with a thought of the other, eyes fixed firmly on the ball.

As always any words below the photo’s are from the original backslip as they are written there.

“Football – Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers at Highbury.
Arsenal defeat the visitors by 3 goals to 1.
Wilson (Arsenal) saves while Bernard Joy holds off Hunt (Bolton).

“Smith (Sheffield Goalkeeper) eluding Drake and Bowden (Arsenal) in the F.A. Cup Final at Wembley.
Arsenal won 1-0.”

“Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion at Highbury.
Richardson, the W.B.A. centre forward, gets in his centre in spite of the efforts of Copping (Arsenal).”

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