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027 – Charlie Buchan, £100 per goal.

Today’s scans feature Charlie Buchan. The story of his transfer fee consisting of a set fee and £100 per goal are well known and the three cartoons are from the Daily Herald. The last scan is the front of a dinner menu for The Press Club where Alfred Hitchcock was the guest of honour and our own George Allison the ‘Perdoocer’.


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024 – Boxers, Footballers, a Jockey and Tom Webster

Today’s first scan is a press photo from the early 1920s. The back slip says:

“Boxers Entertain Arsenal Players.
The Arsenal players spent the day at High Beech where George Cook, the Austaralian heavyweight boxer, entertained them with his full training exhibition yesterday (Friday). Frank Wootten, ghe famous jockey, was also there.
Photo shows the team watching George Cook (on right) sparring with Albert Lloyd.”

Both boxers were from Australia and toured England and Europe fighting. They were both in England at various times between 1921 and 1923 when I’d presume the photo was taken. The jockey Wootton (the correct spelling) became the youngest ever champion jockey at age 16 in 1919, and won it for the next three years.

The Tom Webster cartoon was first published in 1923, this version being from an annual of his cartoons published in 1924.

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011 – Woolwich Arsenal 26 France 1

Yup – you read the score right. A visiting team made up of players from a few different French clubs got a right tonking. Interestingly their goal was scored by the Arsenal reserve Hodges, who was playing for the French as they were a man short. The first two images are scans of postcards released at the time of cartoons from local paper the Kentish Independant which were reprinted a while back by Islington Libraries. The third is from a series of football postcards issued at the time.


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