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074 – Random 1950s Photo’s (part four)

“Tips from Dad.
Three year old John Lishman gets a soccer lesson from his father, Doug Lishman, Arsenal’s inside-left, at their home in Southgate, North London. John wears a football outfit that Dad bought back from a South American tour. Arsenal are now in full training and their first match of the season is away to Blackpool on August 20th.”

“Football. Charlton Athletic (2) v Arsenal (0) at The Valley 10/3/56.
Sam Bartram, Charlton goal-keeper, who was made captain for his last match before leaving for York City to become their Player-Manager, shakes hand with Cliff Holton, Arsenal Captain. Sam has been with Charlton for over 20 years.”

“Herd Scores 1st and 2nd Goal for Arsenal 28.9.57.
Herd, Arsenal centre-forward, No. 9, scores Arsenal’s 1st goal at Highbury this afternoon in the match against Leeds United. It was scored in the first two minutes of the match. Ball is seen going through the Leeds defence.”


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056 – War…

With the outbreak of World War II the Football League was suspended. Official records ignore the various regionalised competitions that were played but it would be a mistake to ignore them completely as the fans certainly didn’t. Despite all that was going on crowds were good and the football was taken very seriously although the number of players moved around due to war duties and serving in the forces meant that rules on registrations were relaxed and teams were allowed to use players stationed locally as guests. Amongst others Stanley Matthews and Stan Mortensen (who is listed as scoring 25 goals in 19 appearances) turned out in the Arsenal colours.

Highbury was closed to football to be used as an ARP stronghold and shelters, and the club played it’s home games at White Hart Lane. As a mark of gratitude our Directors presented our hosts with a plaque after the war, although whether they held an open top bus parade to celebrate this trophy is unknown.

Today’s scans are all from the war period. Rather than the official programmes for the two Cup Finals we played in I thought I’d scan tickets from the matches as they seem to be far rarer – indeed if you look at the second it asks for the ticket to be placed in a paper salvage receptacles after the match. Despite this, and other hardships, people still took any chance to make a few bob as can be seen by the pirate version of a programme shown. For our regular home games a single sheet programme was produced and that often featured, as this one does, updates on our players abroad. Interestingly, although the sheets were red, this was not because of our colours but was actually the colour they used for their programmes pre-war.

Finally, a clip featuring us in War Cup Finals.

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054 – Random 1930s Photo’s (part four)

Last of the series of random 1930s scans.

I should mention that Eddie Hapgood is not holding a skipping rope on the first photo. I can only imagine there was a scratch to the negative before the photo was printed.

As for the other two I wanted to finish this part with a couple of individual photo’s of the biggest stars of our 1930s team. Obviously such a thing is very arguable but I’m quite happy with my choice of Alex James and Eddie Hapgood.

As always anything written below the scans are from the backslip.

“1936-37 Charlton Athletic (0) versus Arsenal (2).
At The Valley (Charlton).
Swindin (Arsenal Goalie) punches clear a shot from Prior (Chalton Centre-Forward) with Hapgood (Arsenal Left-Back) Looking on.
October 17, 1936.”

“A.James (Arsenal)”

“E.Hapgood (Arsenal)”

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