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120 – Tear up the Turf

In mid-June 2006, after all the other events at Highbury had taken place, I was lucky enough to get tickets for an o2 event called ‘Tear up the Turf’ where we not only got to play around on the pitch and stroll at will around the East Stand, but also got to take a square of pitch home. Surreal as that was, being accompanied by a quartet playing football chants in the middle of the pitch pushed it off the scale.

As the pitch was complete when we arrived, but not when we left, you could easily argue that this day was the very last football played on the pitch and to celebrate/commiserate that moment here are some photo’s I took that evening.


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091 – Random 1970s Press Photo’s (part one)

As usual, any backslip details copied below the scans.

“Arsenal v Chelsea Jan 18 1970.
Hands go up to appeal for offside but Chelsea players need not have bothered. Arsenal’s Sammels missed the cross. Behind Sammels ( l to r) is Harris, Webb and Bonetti.”

“Arsenal v Sunderland 28th Feb ’70.
Sunderland goalkeeper Montgommery punches away from Kennedy, the Arsenal scorer, to quell another attack.”

“Feb. 1972
Hector (Derby) tangles with McLintock (Arsenal).”

“Football at Reading. Reading v Arsenal Fourth Round of the F.A. Cup.
It’s there. Pat Rice (right) gives a shout of triumph after he had scored Arsenal’s winner today. Other Arsenal players are (left to right) Ball, Nelson, McLintock and George.”

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084 – Inside the Gunners 1971

In the days when player’s wages seemed far more realistic it was common for the players of teams getting to the Cup Final to issue something to earn them a bit more money. To put it into context Bob Wilson told me he earned around £17,000 for the double season, although he did point out he bought a house for £26,500 around then.

In 1971 the players got some extra from a booklet called ‘Inside the Gunners’, and today’s scans are some of the pages from that booklet, including a player’s wives and girlfriends page.

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083 – 1970 Fairs Cup and Europe

The Fairs Cup (or Inter-Cities Fairs Cup to give it it’s full title) was a tournament born in the 1950s to promote cities holding trade fairs. Rules of entry changed over the years from the original one city one team rule and it morphed into what is now the Europa League via the UEFA Cup.
After not lifting a trophy since 1953 though it could have been the World Cup the way the victory was treated on the night at Highbury, a 3-0 win overturning a 1-3 first leg defeat, and on a personal note for Frank McLintock he finally had a winners’ medal after 5 losing finals.

First scan is a great press photo from the semi, followed by the large postcard sized teamgroup card issued by the club (front and back). The rest are press photo’s of both the Fairs Cup final, and later European matches under Bertie. Where there is one backslips are copied below.

“The Flying Englishman!
April 8th 1970.
Dutchmen encountered a flying Englishman at London’s Arsenal Stadium tonight (Wednesday) during the European fairs Cup, semi-final first leg between Arsenal and Ajax of Amsterdam.
Arsenal player, Graham flies through the air, and seemingly pushes Ajax keeper Gerrit Bals in the chest, as he attempts to clear the ball. Looking on at the left is Ajax player Rudi Surrendonk.”

“Arsenal win European Fairs Cup.
London: Arsenal’s skipper Frank McLintock holds aloft the European Fairs Cup, surrounded by enthusiastic crowds, after Arsenal had defeated Anderlecht of Belgium 3-0 in the European Fairs Cup Final, 2nd leg at Highbury tonight, to become the third successive English club to win the European Fairs Cup soccer tournament. Arsenal, who led 1-0 at the interval, won the two-leg final tie 4-3 on aggregate.
28th April 1970.”

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