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060 – Old Boys and Behind the Scenes

Today we have a couple of magazine scans from 1948.

The first couple (from Picture Post dtd 10/04/1948) has one of my favourite Arsenal photo’s, showing a trio of old boys still supporting the team over half a century after playing. The rest (from Everybody’s dtd 20/11/1948) show a behind the scenes look at Highbury introduced by George Allison.

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055 – The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

Today’s scans feature iconic movie The Arsenal Stadium Mystery. Although an earlier film (The Lucky Number) had heavily featured Arsenal and Highbury to set the story this film was very much based at Highbury and featured a charity match between Arsenal and The Trojans (played by Brentford) with one of their players being murdered. First released in November 1939 the football action was from the last game of the 1938/39 season and the film featured a host of Arsenal’s stars, with George Allison having a speaking role.

The first couple of scans are from Picturegoer Weekly (10-2-40). Sadly neither of the pictures below have backslips (although both have ‘Newcastle City Hall release Feb 19th’ hand written on the back).

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052 – Random 1930s Photo’s (part two)

As usual if there’s a press slip on the back it’s quoted as is below the scanned photo.

Although there is no slip for the second photo, the dog is called Gunner and was the Arsenal mascot at the time.

“Too Chilly For Shorts?
Cold Days For Cup-Tie Training.
Alex James, famous Scottish International of the Arsenal Football Team who meet Newcastle United on Saturday week in the Fifth Round of the English Cup, discussing the merits of his new long training bags with George Male, the International right-back.”

“Football at Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea v Arsenal.
Alex James scoring the Arsenal’s first goal, during the match this afternoon.”


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039 – Aston Villa 1 Ted Drake 7 (seven)

On the 14th December 1935 Arsenal travelled to Aston Villa for a league match. Ted Drake was suffering with a knee injury that would later need an operation and was a doubt for the game after a poor performance earlier in the week against Middlesbrough.

Villa’s defence was in poor form having already conceded 52 goals in 18 games, and this in part encouraged George Allison to take a risk on his number nine.

It was a risk that paid off handsomely. By half time Drake had a hat-trick. By the hour mark he had six. He then hit the bar and when he appealed to the ref that the ball had bounced over the line the referee told him he had six and not to be greedy. He was, and added a seventh goal shortly before time.

(Arsenal are in white)

As you can see from the next two scans Drake finally succumbed to his injury in the spring, and then faced a battle to get fit for the FA Cup Final.

Backslip reads:

“6.2.36. Arsenal Centre Forward in Hospital. Ted Drake, the Arsenal centre forward, is in the Royal Northern Hospital, Holloway Road, following injuries received while playing for England against Wales at Wolverhampton yesterday. Ted Drake, in bed, reading all about the match in hospital this morning.”

Backslip reads:

“29/2/36. Drake Leaves Hospital. Ted Drake, the Arsenal F.C. centre-forward, who had an operation for cartilage trouble two weeks ago, left the Royal Northern Hospital, London, to-day. He will be a spectator at this afternoon’s F.A. cup-tie match between Arsenal and Barnsley at Highbury, London, N.”

Drake then face a battle to be fit in time for the FA Cup Final and played with what was describes as the ‘biggest bandage in the world’ on his knee. Despite this, it was his goal in the 74th minute that brought the Cup back to Highbury. The media were banned from filming the game after a dispute over fees – originally offered £900 the FA wanted £1500 and when the broadcast companies refused to pay that the FA finally accepted the original offer. Sensing blood the broadcasters withdrew that offer and were only prepared to pay £500. The FA refused this and the only film of the match is from autogyros flying above the stadium, as you can see below.

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027 – Charlie Buchan, £100 per goal.

Today’s scans feature Charlie Buchan. The story of his transfer fee consisting of a set fee and £100 per goal are well known and the three cartoons are from the Daily Herald. The last scan is the front of a dinner menu for The Press Club where Alfred Hitchcock was the guest of honour and our own George Allison the ‘Perdoocer’.


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