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059 – 1948 Arsenal Players’ Souvenir Brochure

After winning the title in 1948 a brochure was produced to raise funds for the players’ pool. Below are scans of some of the pages from that brochure.

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052 – Random 1930s Photo’s (part two)

As usual if there’s a press slip on the back it’s quoted as is below the scanned photo.

Although there is no slip for the second photo, the dog is called Gunner and was the Arsenal mascot at the time.

“Too Chilly For Shorts?
Cold Days For Cup-Tie Training.
Alex James, famous Scottish International of the Arsenal Football Team who meet Newcastle United on Saturday week in the Fifth Round of the English Cup, discussing the merits of his new long training bags with George Male, the International right-back.”

“Football at Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea v Arsenal.
Alex James scoring the Arsenal’s first goal, during the match this afternoon.”


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045 – Arsenal Photographers Lambert Jackson

For many years Lambert Jackson of Holloway Arcade were Arsenal’s official photographers producing many quality photographic items. Below are some scans of postcards produced by them, complete with their logo embossed.

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042 – Arsenal Pools Blotters

Before the National Lottery came along the flutter of choice in England was the football pools. Teatime Saturday all around the country people from maiden aunts to youngsters in their first jobs would feverishly check their coupons to see if they had the eight draws they’d been dreaming of when they filled in their coupon. No one wanted to smudge their coupons so the ink would be blotted and the pools companies caught on to this novel form of advertising.

The first four scans are from blotters given away by Sherman Pools in the 1930s, the last being a Littlewood’s one also from the ’30s.


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