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061 – 1949 Flamengo

A couple of magazine articles from 1949 today. Firstly a piece by Laurie Scott in Tit-Bits (dtd 01/04/1949) and then some on our tour match v Flamengo in Brazil (from Sports 10/06/1949 and Sports Reporter (18/07/1949) which was marred by fighting. As usual the English press got all high and mighty about foreign football, but possibly with some cause this time!


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049 – Advice from Eddie Hapgood and Laurie Scott

Advice to footballers from two of our club’s great full backs covering either side of the Second World War. Firstly general advice from Eddie Hapgood published in a copy of Boy’s Own Magazine from October 1939, and below one of a series of FA Coaching Charts published in the late 1940s and featuring Laurie Scott.

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