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120 – Tear up the Turf

In mid-June 2006, after all the other events at Highbury had taken place, I was lucky enough to get tickets for an o2 event called ‘Tear up the Turf’ where we not only got to play around on the pitch and stroll at will around the East Stand, but also got to take a square of pitch home. Surreal as that was, being accompanied by a quartet playing football chants in the middle of the pitch pushed it off the scale.

As the pitch was complete when we arrived, but not when we left, you could easily argue that this day was the very last football played on the pitch and to celebrate/commiserate that moment here are some photo’s I took that evening.

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In 1888/89, the first season of the Football League, Preston North End won the Championship going through a 22 game season unbeaten.

115 years later in the 2003/04 season Arsenal became the second English club to go a whole season undefeated.

As I mentioned yesterday the closer we get to today the harder it is to find something from my collection to show you that you can’t see in a hundred other places on the internet but here goes…

First scans are the set of cards given out by o2 at the open top bus parade, followed by the programme for Thierry Henry’s FWA Player of the Year award ceremony. Lastly I took a photo of one of my favourite things, one of the bottles of champagne that the players had when they came back on the pitch after securing the title down the road.

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