What is this?

Well, I was looking at the collection of images on the official site celebrating 125 years and though I’m enjoying them it’s kind of what you’d expect.  So I thought that since I’ve got loads of press photo’s and stuff it might be fun to do my own version.  Not a history as such, and not in strict chronological order, but hopefully something interesting showing images you may not be so familiar with.

Please feel free to add anything you may think relevant in the comments (although any rude or abusive messages will be removed naturally) and I hope you enjoy the 125 posts.

Come on you reds!

24 responses to “What is this?

  1. Hi!

    Thanks alot for your great work with vintage Arsenal papers! It’s a amazing materials for Arsenal fans all over the world.
    How can I send a letter to you?

    In any case thanks for your work!

  2. Thanks for responce!
    I’m an Arsenal fan from Arsenal Russian Speaking Supporters Club. I made a Arsenal Team photo collection – from 1888 till today on our website. You have so many interesting papers, so I think, maybe you can add some photos on our gallery. I will be very appreciated if you look our gallery and can help to add some photos

    • Hi Paul.
      You already seem to have pinched plenty of my scans for that page already! Everything on this site is from my own personal collection of Arsenal stuff that I’ve taken the trouble to scan so as to share with everyone so I’d appreciate it if you’d have the decency to acknowledge where you’ve taken the images from on your page, and credit this site for each one.

      • I took from your site not so many scans, because I have many own scans from books, magazines and newspapers, that I bought on eBay. Some of your scans I’ve already have before. I’m sorry, if I offend you. My main goal – to make a many different information about Arsenal to russian supporters, because there we haven’t so much materials like you in England.
        Today I will add a link to your site on my page

      • Don’t get me wrong Paul, I think it’s a brilliant page you’ve put together but you really should credit people when you use their stuff. So long as you credit my site I’ve no problem at all with you using any of the images on here. When I started this I thought long and hard about watermarking the images but in the end didn’t want to ruin them for everyone.

  3. 🙂 forgot to place a link for our gallery: _http://www.fc-arsenal.com/komandnye-foto

  4. I put a link on the top of my article to your site, you can check it 🙂
    About watermarks: if you can see, that’s not all images with watermarks. I make watermarks long time ago and today I lost this pictures without watermarks 😦

  5. Thank you very much!

  6. Dave Walters

    Paul – Please could you contact me on the address provided in relation to post 122

  7. It’s alright mate – he meant me.

  8. Marek Konicek

    Hi Paul,

    Firstly THANK YOU for this webside.You have made such a great work.I´m juts a guy from Czech Republic who lived in the UK for almost 3 years but I thing I know exactly what Highbury meant for Arsenal fans and English people.Tradition.I miss Highbury so much even I have never been watch football there…I have some pictures from August 2007 if You are interested.So sad I wouldn´t be there earlier…just a few years…It was the most beautiful stadium anyway.Can’t even find the right words…

    Take care everyone, Mark

  9. Hi Marek.
    Thanks for your kind words – they’re appreciated.

    (btw I’m not Paul – he’s someone who commented here)

  10. Laz

    Fabulous Website. You just gave one life-long Gooner a lot of pleasure reminiscing back to the good old days

  11. bob king

    hello is there a value to the This is Arsenal Booklet

    • Hi,
      For one in good condition you’re probably looking at £30+ but be careful as there was a reprint done with an Arsenal memorabilia pack. Easiest way to tell is on the back of the reprint it says something to the effect of ‘reproduction by permission of Arsenal’.

      • Paul

        Mate I want to give you due credit for this site as I tweeted some of your stuff. Don’t want you to think I just lifted it. What’s your @ on twitter please?

  12. We (Chelsea) couldn’t win there for love nor money, I saw just one top flight victory there between 1978 and 2005 but, I certainly miss going to Highbury. Came across your site tonight and I’ve really enjoyed taking a look through your pictures and memorabilia … nice one!

  13. Sue Faulkner

    Great idea, something put together for fans, by fans. More personal.

  14. Soham De

    Hey Paul

    Where can i contact you, what you have for us all to see is incredible and unbelievable. Never seen highbury but i have seen so much thanks to you mate. I was looking to contact you but i dont see any contact page. Give me a ping from here only if you can. I am a blogger too so i was looking for some advice.

    mail – sohamde24@gmail.com
    Blog link – http://arsedevils.com

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