017 – Clock End pre-Clock End

As much is often said about how we moved to Highbury to play on what had been the sports field of St John’s Hall (Highbury College of Divinity) I thought it might be interesting to show some scans of postcards of what the original College buildings looked like. They were situated on the hill above where Highbury is and were demolished after being burnt down in 1946, which is when the current buildings were begun.

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  1. Andy Kelly

    To give an idea of where the buidlings were, the first picture is taken from Aubert Park looking north and the fourth picture is taken from the south end of Avenell Road looking north towards Gillespie Road. The entrance to the hall was opposite the houses between Aubert Park and Lucerne Road.

    St John’s Church, to which the hall belonged, was located on the west side of Highbury Park just south of Legard Road. The site is now a block of flats named, unsurprisingly, St John’s Court.

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